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Wikipedia Is Way Cooler Than You Thought!

From the very inception of Wikipedia has been used to gain information and learn new things, but as we continue to see that there are many other ways to make use of this vast information reserve. Scratch through the surface and Wikipedia is highly flexible. Some of the applications are also eccentric.

Wikipedia gives access to information even when you are offline

For the ones who are extravagant about having Wikipedia offline and have it stored on their computer or into any removable hard drive or any specific drive then it’s easy to have downloaded the Wikimedia version as they update monthly. You can also earn the perk to download the wikis that have no longer been displayed such as the information of 9/11.

Further, you can download the wikis from the Wikimedia database reserves. You can download up to 2 IP address. The purpose of adding limitations that everyone gets an equal chance of getting a suitable download speed. Since downloading the Wikipedia versions for offline use can take time!

Moreover, to quicken the process, you can undertake to function as the mirroring platform for Wikimedia. This is the point where you swarm things on your computer and people can access wikis through you. It mainly needs a massive space with higher limits of bandwidth.

Wikipedia as an encyclopedia is a reference tool for gaining knowledge and making informative discussion. It has surpassed and almost permanently halted the presence and usage that has been once enjoyed by the Britannica encyclopedia. From searching a piece of information in the paper books, things have been shifted from the digital and rapid, within reach of every individual.

From the study of 2005, revealed that the scientific articles on Wikipedia; earned the level of accuracy while the encyclopedia Britannica had some severe error rates.

Though for the concept that the information is cent percent is correct and misleading. As a crowdsourcing platform where everyone is free to contribute, the chances of defamatory and false statements are higher. As a protective measure, there are volunteers ready to make corrections and to delete information to maintain the standard and present as truthful as possible. If you are searching for more accuracy, it’s wise to seek a secondary source of information along with Wikipedia that supports your answer.

Wikipedia serves as a reliable source for citing the articles

Contrary to the stories published on the new websites and blogs that often remain static all of your life, the Wikipedia articles alter with time. The writers and contributors either individual or Wikipedia page creation service Mumbai keep Wikipedia a very dynamic place, making additions, modifications and eliminating errors.

Hence when you refer to a Wikipedia link in a blog all you need is to take a snapshot and place it instead of adding the complete loop. Or in another case, you will have your readers miss the real concept by leading them to the Wikipedia page, and the message you want to deliver will be. The link of the snapshot will show the permanent link on the very corner, linking to it will be the best option.

Wikipedia saves time with fantastic shortcut key functions

For the thrill lovers who don’t like to stay at one place for longer, who don’t even want to use the mouse for longer and are always ready to dance their fingers on the keyboard.  Then Wikipedia dignifies you to navigate with as simple as the keyboard shortcuts.

The handy mind map of Wikipedia

As you become tired for searching the topic, often it becomes challenging to keep up with the appropriate search terms. Hence at this point, the Wikipedia mind map is the best solution. The easy to use wiki mind map can give a quick list of associated keywords and what interesting is that every keyword is connected to Wikipedia page all you need is to click.

The sister projects of Wikipedia

The Wikimedia

If you are not familiar with the enterprise that runs the Wikipedia, there are chances that you won’t be aware of the Wikimedia Foundation. Since Wikipedia is not the only project, it also carries a dozen other projects.

Among the extensive collection of projects is the best one’s media wiki that offers you an open platform where you can compose your wiki. Wikipedia provides a list of what they have described as an essential website that uses the Wikipedia model. Visiting them will inspire you to create your own… why not try today!!

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