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What are the various ways to use bite blocks

The dental bite blocks are disposable bite blocks designed mainly to reduce the cross-contamination among patients when utilising the panoramic X-ray machine. Each block of dental bite and pediatric bite block is a packaged part dose and is designs for the exclusive use of a single patient. Save on each disposable bite block and all bite block dental supplies when a person shops at various disposable bite blocks manufacture. If a person needs assistance, then he can call at manufacture customer care team, who will be happy to help with a specific order.

APPLICATIONS:-Prevent a patient from biting:

  • When placing a device in or through the oral cavity, or
  • During an intraoral process (e.g., endotracheal tube, airway with a laryngeal mask, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, transesophageal echocardiography probe)


  • The different designs available in the majority are disposable.
  • Bite GardTM: inserted among the molars and prevents the jaws from closing; has a handle-shaped tail that rests on the outside on the cheek to keep away from swallowing the device and to manipulate the place
  • Blocks of bite: have a flat bite portion that can pad with an outer flange to prevent it from moving. Some have a port for oxygen connection and others an open area through which the protected fingers of the operators can be placed in to help manipulate a range in position; some have a head strap


  • Insertion of the device among the patient’s teeth.
  • It is best with a cooperative alert patient or a sedated and paralysed patient


  • Trauma to patients’ teeth or oral mucosa including bleeding.
  • laryngospasm
  • May induce regurgitation, vomiting and aspiration.
  • Displacement into the oesophagus or obstruction of the airway.
  • Damage to the proceduralist during insertion.


  • An oropharyngeal airway (Guedel) can utilise as a bite block, but it has a hard surface that can cause basis injuries to the teeth, particularly in patients with poor dentition
  • gauze pasted on a roll is an improvised alternative.

Dental bite blocks are utilising to help keep a patient’s mouth, and the jaw opens sufficiently during a clinical process. Also, refer to oral accessories, these small devices are designed to offer enough force to avoid the patient from closing, but a surface soft enough to provide comfort to the patient. The bite blocks can be disposable or reusable, and it is essential to sterilise or autoclave the reusable blocks properly. Some disposable bite blocks incorporate lighting or a connection to operative suction. When choosing a bite block, be confident to consider the comfort of patients beside with the clinical efficiencies. When it comes to products for infection control and dental supplies, various companies have been providing quality products to meet up the requirements of health and dental professionals in multiple states and cities. Many companies who supply the disposable bite blocks can have an extensive online catalogue of disposable products and infection control of the best brands to make sure the safety and cleanliness of doctor’s practice.

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