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Top-Ten Higher Educational Marketing Ideas to Consider During COVID Crises

WHILE the universities in Pakistan are reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an insight into their ongoing marketing campaigns for FALL 2020 shows that either they do not take the pandemic seriously or perhaps they are not ready to take future students and their parents into confidence as what arrangements have been made to keep campuses secure from the fatal virus.

Advertisements that have been appearing in the media before the pandemic used to incorporate the details such as facilities offered at varsities, qualification of the faculty, libraries, cafeterias, industrial linkages, and scholarship, etc. are being repeated without any details about precautionary measures to be taken at varsities. There is no mentioning of preventive measures such as wearing of facemasks, setting up virus diagnostic lab at campuses rules for social distancing and show the coordination would be carried out between varsity and the government in case coronavirus cases take place.

Undeniably, all the private-sector universities are doing great in raising awareness on the coronavirus by engaging their faculties, students, and the staff, however at the advertising campaign level, but most of them have not been able to come up with the revised marketing content.

It had been much better if new ads were created showing precautionary measures taken against the COVID-19. This link is missing while admission drives continue.  the mission drives that as to how would they deal with it when classes resume.

While more aftermaths of the Covid-19 are yet to come for which businesses should be ready to deal with them. Art, culture, language, beliefs, communication, strategic thinking, market planning, politics and our across-the-board lifestyles are going to be redefined, reshaped, and readjusted in terms of effects the coronavirus is leaving on us. Wiser would be the organizations that would keep pace with these challenges and modify their policies and marketing campaigns accordingly.

If you’re associated with academia and head a marketing or admission department at a varsity, this article is for you. You must read this as it will help you redesign your upcoming admission campaigns. We are going to tell you what should be dos and don’ts of new marketing campaigns in the coming days.

If your university hasn’t designed a new campaign, you must take the initiative by outlining it. Because today it is a coronavirus, tomorrow any new type of virus could outbreak, so timely investment in the health sector of students and faculty would save your time and energy.

Similar to other types of marketing, there are a number of education marketing strategies to experiment with amid pandemic situation, but in this log post, we’ll help you to discover only ten most important techniques that would enable you to be a trend-setter, stay on top of and make your organization to be the most sought-after place in terms of enrollment and employment. Let’s show you how could you stay ahead of the curve.

1. Take Prospective Students into Confidence

As you know marketing trends in the world of education have the power to attract prospective students to get admission to your university. These students are no doubt staying top-of-mind among your target audience now and for years to come. Therefore, it would be better to win their confidence and trust in your university. This is high time to do so as just like their study and grades, now health has become the topmost priority of prospective students. They would be looking for the universities which have invested in installing the best health facilities at their campuses.

As the head of the marketing department, you should tell the students what facilities amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been ensured at your university.

2.Investment in the Health Facilities

Show the students the inside view of your university campus and what facilities such as hand sanitization, facemasks, COVID testing laboratory, and psychological therapy to deal with mental health issues have been set up at the campus. This will boost the confidence of the current students, as well as attract the newcomers.  Believe me, without investing in the health facilities, your organization can no longer survive for a long time. Invest wisely and timely.

There is no escape from this as the government too is planning to make it compulsory for universities to ensure appropriate health facilities for students to protect them from coronavirus and other future threats.

 3.Make Video of Inside of Campus Facilities

Undeniably, video fetches the best results compared to some newspaper ad. Engagement stats for video content continue to grow. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is no longer optional, rather it is mandatory now. When considering how to incorporate videos focusing on showing facilities especially the latest ones, make as many and as short videos as you can. People don’t have so much time to dedicate it to prolonged content.

4. Idustrial Linkages

Students are more than interested in getting admission in the universities that have stronger linkages with the industry. These linkages are believed to be helpful for the students when they graduate and start looking for internships and job opportunities. Include in your campaign only the most useful and authenticated linkages with the industry.

Don’t just show the total number of your industry linkages, rather give successful stories of your alumni who benefited from these linkages. Share these stories on Social Media.

5. Entrepreneurship

If you the university you are working in is an entrepreneurial university, you have a great advantage. Prospective students and parents prefer the institution which does not only provide formal education but prepares the students for the future. Entrepreneurship is more important than jobs. You should work on this and come up with the content that highlights the entrepreneurial culture of your university.

 6. Developing New Learning Habits

Unquestionably, much more has to, and will, keep changing in the higher education in the weeks, months, and years to come. Whatever be the predictions. One thing is for sure. The world is never going to get back to the pre-COVID era. It is now past and we need to look at the future. And in order to keep pace with the future, we need to make sure that changes are made. We need to let go of the university culture as it was before, our faculty members and students alike will have to abandon the old habits and develop the new learning habits.

It is time to redefine the syllabus, to revisit lecture modules, assessment methods, and to our digital presence and accessibility.

7. Artificial Intelligence

It is quite a big challenge for the people responsible for the content delivery that they must be able to use Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to enable massive open online courses (MOOC), which can be used in distance learning. Soon the universities will require existing faculty members to get training for these skills, as well as make it mandatory for new staff to be possessing the expertise in this technicality.

Lesson plans and all other tutoring applications would be amended. AI will be used to gauge students’ qualities and drawbacks. Some universities will also use it for the purpose of employee evaluation.

Advertisers need to include this when designing the ads especially videos that their faculty members are fully trained in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

 8.New Examination and Grading System

The examination and grading procedure is to be modified as per the latest needs. Artificial Intelligence would also help in assessment, evaluating, paper setting, making mark-sheets, and tracking the performance of each student with a reduced amount of monotony. Show the students that the new revised examination and grading system is going to be launched at your university.

9.Financial Aid

Due to the international economic crisis and recession, many more people have become jobless. This has caused widespread financial problems. Parents are not able to pay huge fees. Students, therefore, will prefer the universities that would offer them discounted packages or provide financial aid to them. If the employment market does not pick up again, there would be a serious financial crisis. The dropout rate from universities is likely to increase.

If you are the head of the admission office, you must look into this matter. The more financial support is given by your university, the greater will be the enrollment results. Moreover, there is dire need to revise fees of overall degree programs.

10. Online Transition and Distance Learning

The coronavirus has changed everything especially the way higher education used to be. In the future, many universities in Pakistan would be closed permanently and the remaining ones would shift online. From teaching classes online to conducting exams, grading and other assessment-all would be transitioned online. Distance education would gain momentum.

Therefore, if you want to do good business and remain in the race, you need to invest in online transition.

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