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Top 7 E-commerce portals in Pakistan you shouldn’t miss out

It’s for sure Pakistani people are really enjoying shopping online. The trend of E-commerce shopping is at all time high altitude in recent years. According to an independent resource, the E-commerce industry of Pakistan might rise as high as $1 billion. That’s a staggering amount of growth. We’ve also seen a couple of shopping festivals break the records of shopping in recent years. So, who are the players that are enabling E-commerce strong footsteps in the country? Don’t worry we are enlisting here top 10 online shopping sites that Pakistani’s are loving browsing and spending their money. Stay tuned alert, you might find some interesting coupon code here.


Undoubtedly daraz is and will be the number 1 E-commerce portal in Pakistan. From 2012 when there was not even the concept of something as buying online, Daraz has been working to shift the gears. Their success story is also extraordinary as just after 2 years of the launch, Daraz was able to break all records of online shopping history in Pakistan. Yes! We are taking about 2015 black Friday, where daraz.pk got such an overwhelmed response that the site got flooded with shoppers. It was also a crazy story that international serves turned the site down out of some suspicious attack because the traffic in a single day raised manifolds. So, what is your happy shopping experience @ Daraz let us know in the comments?


I have to list this one. Let me tell you the story why it should be in your good books. Though Naqad.pk is a new online shopping site in Pakistan, their facebook marketing seems to pretty do the magic of converting visitors into sales. The site offers a plethora of products ranging from Fashion, beauty, cosmetics, apparel, home & living, electronic appliances, kitchen accessories, and there’s almost everything you would ever want to buy in your lifetime. The company seems to be pushing their venture quite hard as we often see promotional deals and gift hampers distributed among facebook followers.


Juniba is another must try E-commerce portal for your online shopping needs. Forget about wandering here and there in search of good quality products. Juniba offers them all in a fair bit of quality that you deserve. Having a nice product range including, fashion, computer accessories, mobile accessories, & kitchen and home appliances, you can find almost anything of your interest. Free shipping anywhere in Pakistan is also a great way to build quite a clientele, which juniba.pk is also doing so very easy.


Yayvo.com owned by TCS is a real paradise for a gaming console and gadget lovers. Though it offers almost everything under the sun for an average person, the site mostly attracts gadget lovers as its customers. A great edge Yayvo has over its competitors is being able to deliver worldwide at lightning fast speed. You can get extra fast delivery in just 165 minutes in some of the top cities including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Also, yayvo grabs a fair bit of market share and is fairly good at content marketing and engaging customers in new ways.


Homeshopping was quick to move its ranks upwards after daraz acquire Kamyu.pk. The e-commerce portal offers almost anything you could shop online. Also, with the free delivery nationwide, homeshopping.pk is making a dent in the e-commerce arena of the country. We have also seen an influx of traffic at Homeshopping on eve of Black Friday, the largest online shopping festival in Pakistan. Homeshopping offers its customers a seven-day return window, which I don’t think so you will need to most of the times. However, for buyer security, the option is there, so happy shopping to all shopping fanatics in Pakistan.


FoodPanda is one of a kind online shopping store in Pakistan that allows you to order food online. Working with the top food chains in Pakistan, FoodPanda is surely on abreast of transforming eatery trends in Pakistan. Not only just you can order food online but FoodPanda lets its visitors know other details like menus, opening & closing times of food restaurants, it also lets you book tables online. Doesn’t matter the cravings your taste buds are getting, FoodPanda lets you order anywhere in Pakistan. And that too tasty, delicious and hot food right at your doorstep.


Telemart is a famous online e-commerce portal. The only shopping venture started in 2014 and has seen tremendous growth since its inception. Telemat.pk was awarded brands of the year award for the year 2017-18. Telemart.pk is a one-stop shopping solution for Pakistani shoppers offering them everything they need. Telemart offers variety as visitors can shop fashion, technology, Kids, gadgets, health care, and other accessories on their online shopping store. With free shipping across the country, I am sure you would enjoy shopping online.


Above listed are the top 7 E-commerce portals in Pakistan that everyone must try in 2019. Let us know in the comments section your experiences on these stores.

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