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Top 10 Best Statistics Books To Get Started With Statistics

Statistics is considered the principal aspect of mathematics. But most of the students find this subject complicated. If you want to learn a statistic, then you should go through some best books that offer comprehensive information about Statistics. Before this, we have explained a brief introduction to statistics.

Statistics is a highly interdisciplinary field that offers the techniques to execute the function on the given dataset and numbers. Statistics are crucial because nowadays, almost all the data we need is mathematically defined. This indicates that it is essential to update reliable data and statistical principles. Moreover, to get a good command of statistics, you must have the best statistics books that display the tips and tricks. Let’s take a close look at the great statistics.


Statistics is a profoundly convenient book composed by-Robert S. Witte and John S. Witte that offers professionals a clear and organized way to fundamental statistical procedures. The latest edition of this book clearly describes the primary concepts and methods of detailed statistical analysis. This book will expand your knowledge from basic statistics to a higher level and understand the thing outside the topic.

Barron’s AP Statistics, 8th edition

Barron’s AP Statistics is a book written by Martin Sternstein. As we know, math and statistics correlated with each other, which means maths is a significant part of statistics. The author writes this book with his experience; he has also been awarded many times. Therefore this book is considered the perfect book to learn statistics. This book consists of 15 chapters that include nearly all topics of statistics.

With this statistics book, it is easier to learn the professional calculator’s perfect use, and you can practice the five full-length exams.

Statistics for Business and Economics

Statistics for Business and Economics is a great book by P. George Benson, Terry T. Sincich, and James T. McClave.Many experts write these statistics for Business and Economics. Therefore, this book contains higher expertise. This book serves powerful keys and application information that is based on practical business problems. It is beneficial for the Data scientists and Management professionals who usually face business problems. Each chapter of this book comprises the latest conversational challenges along with its case study.

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

According to the book’s name, you will get an idea that this statistics book is written funnily. In this book, The arcane and mathematical specifics are taken away by the author; he reflects on the underlying emotion that drives statistical analysis. Moreover, This book contains fundamental principles such as evaluation, association, and regression analysis and exposes how evidence can be skewed or misrepresented by bias. This book will help the students clarify all their difficulties and the explicit nearly every doubt that can come into the student’s mind.

OpenIntro Statistics

OpenIntro Statistics is a book Written by-David M Diez, Christopher D Barr and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel. OpenIntro Statistics is considered an open-source textbook based on standardized statistics and written by a couple of experts. This book contains the high expertise of three authors. The book’s author writes simple words in this statistics book. Everything written by the author is easy to understand and straightforward.

This book includes clear and user-friendly tools and techniques which can quickly be modified as per the specifications.

Head First Statistics – A Brain-Friendly Guide

Head First Statistics – A Brain-Friendly Guide is a book written by Dawn Griffiths. This book is perfect for secondary and college students. With this book, a student will be able to read the whole range of topics included in first-year statistics. This book also helps you to solve difficult statistical theories by using Head First’s dynamic. It consists of a pictorial arrangement that helps you learn information and you can also find a way to measure the extent and understand the whole, Poisson, geometric, and binomial distributions.

Think Stats Probability and Statistics for Programmers

This Book is Addressed by Allen B. Downey. This book comprises the manual of Probability and Statistics for Python programmers.

  • Think Stats highlights simple methods to analyze actual data sets and answer interesting questions that you can use. By Applying information from the National Institutes of Health, the book provides a case report. Readers are allowed to collaborate with actual datasets on a project.
  • If you have advanced Python skills, you can use them to study probability and mathematical principles. A Python library for probability distributions is based on Think Stats (PMFs and CDFs).

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

Cartoon Guide to Statistics is a book by Larry Gonick and Woollcott Smith. As the name reveals you will get a fun tour through modern statistics as it is studied in a broad variety of areas, from the humanities to the sciences. The book begins with a brief history of the topic, then continues with data analysis, probability and all the crucial topics to the study of statistics. This book includes complete central ideas of modern statistics such as reviewing and reflecting data, random variables, Bernoulli Trials, the Central Limit Theorem, hypothesis tests, estimation confidence interval, and much more explained in simple, clear, and fun illustrations.

Statistics II for Dummies

It is a book written by Deborah J. Rumsey; the person who tried to make statistics accessible to all. With these great statistics books, you will learn how to interpret graphs and charts in statistics. This book contains plenty of illustrations that explain to you how these principles relate to your daily life. Moreover, this friendly guide provides simple, realistic interpretations of statistical theories, methods, formulas, and measurements. Statistics II For Dummies helps any reader succeed in an upper-level statistics course.

All of Statistics A Concise Course in Statistical Inference

This book is written by Larry Wasserman, a Professor of Statistics. Taken literally, the headline “All of Statistics” is relevant, As the book includes a much wider variety of subjects than a traditional introductory mathematical statistics book. This book is for students who want to understand probability and statistics easily. Modern concepts such as non-parametric calculation of curves, bootstrapping, and classification is included in the book. It covers all your statistics course material; you can start to learn from this if you are a beginner in statistics and probability.


We have listed some best books for statistics. Reading these books helps you to understand the statistics concepts clearly. Some of these listed books are awarded as best books for statistics. If you still face problems in understanding statistics then you can take help from experts, they can also offer you statistics homework help.

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