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Things to Do in Palace on Wheels

Palace on wheels is India’s first luxury train which is also a PATA Gold Award winner in the year 1987. The moment you step into the train, you can enjoy the luxury, hospitality and comfort offered by the staff. It is a relaxing, peaceful and thrilling experience to travel in the palace on wheels. It is operated jointly by Indian Railways and Rajasthan Tourism. It provides all the luxurious amenities like DVD player, TV, attached bathrooms, wardrobes and many more.

Here is the list of top things to do in the Palace on Wheels:

1.Enjoy the Rajasthani Cuisines:

You can enjoy the delicious Rajasthani cuisines on the train. It consists of 2 restaurants which provides you with the lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisines. They will also provide the Europen and continental cuisines along with Rajasthani dishes. The restaurant also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In the 2 dining cars, Maharaja and Maharani, traditional cuisines like dal, kher sangria, churma, laalmas will be served.

2.Camel Ride in the Thar Desert:

Jaisalmer is located in the heart of the Thar Desert which is well known for beautiful monuments. Camel Ride is the first and foremost thing to do in the Thar Desert. You can even enjoy the delicious dinner in the sunlight and cool sand. Sam Dunes is the best place to enjoy Camel Ride in the Thar Desert. Cultural shows will be held in the starry sky is a thrilling experience.

3.Jungle Safari:

Palace on wheels is well known for varied experiences. Jungle safari is one of that. You can visit famous places like Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the Ranthambore National park. The special attraction in Ranthambore is you can watch the wild cats from their natural habitat. Bharatpur is well known for many migratory birds and animals. Never forget to carry binoculars with you, it helps to watch the distant birds nearer.

  1. Never miss the famous Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is well known for its glory and recorded as the UNESCO World Heritage site. Palace on Wheels provides you with the opportunity to cover Taj Mahal as well. It is a wonderful place one must visit in their lifetime. Taj Mahal is built using white marble and it stood as one of the wonders of the world. You can even visit the beautiful monuments in Agra like Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh and many more.

5.Light and Sound Show at Agra Fort:

If you are looking for joyous moments in your journey, then Agra Fort is the best place for you. Light and sound shows are unique with sound and music. It is the UNESCO World Heritage site built using red sandstone.This fort will surely provide you with the insight of the Mughal’s era. This show is an eye feast for everyone. Visiting this magnificent structure truly enriching experience, one that is made even more attractive with light and sound show at the Agra Fort which provides insight into the history of the monument.

6.Experience the best Spa Treatment:

Ayurvedic spa treatment on-board provides you with the best refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Along with Ayurveda, you can even go with stone therapies, orient massages and Thai massages. Welcoming atmosphere with soft lighting and warm of aromatic candles, while expert therapists guarantee you maximum comfort. spa, with relaxing decor, it worked wonders for the body and mind.

Plan your trip in the luxury train and know more about the Palace on Wheels price for the peak and lean season.

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