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The famous Dastarkhwans fo the Bahria Town: an initiative to serve humanity!

It’s been mentioned in the Holy Quran hadiths of the Holy Prophet Mohammed that if you want to please the god, you must first feed the less privileged. Moreover, the whole socio-economic set up of Islam is based on eliminating hunger and suffering from this world whilst bringing peace and harmony to all. Still, it’s really unfortunate that these teachings of the Quran are not being practiced in reality by the Muslim fraternity. This is where people like Malik Riaz comes as a big hope for the entire humanity who not only follows the disciples of the Quran in the purest terms but also brings up his services to the benefits of the poor.

Malik Riaz has been Asia’s largest real estate developer but he has still kept his religious values and morals really close to his heart all through his journey. He is always there to help all the underprivileged people who are in dire need of someone to help them and this is the reason he got various social welfare projects on his name. Dastarkhawans is one such famous project which comes under the Corporate Social Responsibility Division of Malik Riaz Hussain and helps all the poor people in being provided with a basic meal twice a day. The projects serve free meals to more than 100,000 people all over the country and currently functional in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Larkana, and Rawalpindi apart from these cities, they have also served in hunger struck areas like Tharparkar and Bannu.

Bahria Town Dastarkhwan

Talking about Bannu, total of three Dastarkhawans have been started to feed thousands of poor on a regular basis. The Menu includes some of the most exceptional food items like Biryani and juices apart from occasional Iftar facilities. There is a permanent Dastarkhawan which is been started at Tharparkar, accommodating  150 people at one time whilst feeding more than 3000 people a day. Moreover, a water plant has also been made functional in the area. All these arrangements will help in feeding more than 60,000 people who were earlier been living in complete misery and misfortune.

These Dastarkhawans stays functional for all the seven days a week and three sixty-five days a year whilst accommodating around 3000 people in the process. People within the facility get served with hygienic lunch and dinner in a properly accommodated arrangement for both men and women. Everyone who comes to these Dastarkhwan gets treated as a guest so as their dignity doesn’t get hurt in the process. All of them get served with quality food in an air-conditioned area and the incomes are not restricted for anything whether it’s about the quantity of food or number of times they want that to be served.

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Special efforts are made to supervise the quality of food in addition to its quantity. There is a separate kitchen for each Dastarkhawan on its premises. Here fresh food is prepared on a daily basis by the staff. Food is prepared with care in a hygienic manner. The menu keeps on rotating with meat and pulses. On Sundays Halwa as a dessert is also served. Special Iftar is offered in the holy month of Ramadhan.

On the other side, the food quality is efficiently supervised at every step and every Dastarkhawan got a spate kitchen on its premises. Fresh food gets prepared by the staff on a daily basis in the most hygienic manner. The menu keeps changing with meat and pulses whilst the halwa gets served on Sundays. Moreover, Iftar gets offered in the holy month of Ramadaan and there are no limitations set for people in terms of quantity of food which can be taken in one serve.

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Also, the Dastarkhawans is carefully planned so as to benefit the most number of people at the same time. Most of these Dastarkhawans are placed in the hospitals so as to benefit all those people who are under treatment and cannot afford regular food in the process.

This venture will largely impact the underprivileged people who were earlier spending all of their hard earned money to feed their families and can now save the money to secure the future of their families. There are the most number of people who comes to Dastarkhawans and can save more than 2000 per month keeping in mind that 35rs per meal is the average cost for any normal person. They all can use this amount to put it in their monthly expenditures.

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If we talk about the financial part, the whole project costs up to PKR 35 Million whilst offering 10,500,000 meals a year. This cost will further rise to around PKR 80 Million within a span of two years. Still, these are just numbers for Malik Riaz and he just doesn’t think about them while serving to humanity. All he needs is the prayers and blessings of the underprivileged people which he believes is the biggest fortune to earn in this world.

One of the regular guests at Dastarkhawn, Akram Bhatti is all praise for Malik Riaz and his son Ali Ahmed Riaz for their noble acts for the service of humanity. “I am very thankful to Malik Riaz Hussain for this facility. It is sad that no one else has ever provided this service on such a scale even the government has been unable to sustain anything like this. I wish him and his company all the best & now never miss their names in our prayers”.

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On the other side, Malik Riaz takes all the pride in contributing to the welfare of society and the underprivileged. He said, “This project is dearest to me. We are Alhamdullilah providing free daily meals to more than 35000 people daily, twice a day. We will Insha Allah be opening more Dastarkhwan in addition to ten already operational. I am thankful to God Almighty for having me privileged enough to be able to serve others”.

These kinds of initiatives have helped a country like Pakistan where more than 60 million people live below the poverty line and it sometimes becomes almost impossible for the government to tackle this situation. The dark clouds of poverty have overshadowed the lives of most number of people and this is further creating a big gap of inequality between the poor and the riches. This is where people like Malik Riaz have done an exemplary job whilst helping all those underprivileged people and he is getting all the good wishes and blessings from the citizens of the country.

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