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The Biography of Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman and Founder of Bahria Town

This is the biography of the very famous real estate developer and nation-builder Malik Riaz Hussain. He is a philanthropist whose main aim is to eradicate poverty and provide employment to the people.

He gives much importance to education and has established schools and universities. He believes that education can help in creating employment opportunities. This will eventually help in growing the economy. He is an entrepreneur who with his entrepreneurial skills has made various possible visions of his own.

Malik Riaz Hussain

Being a nation builder, he has undertaken various constructions projects and continues to do so. One such project is Bahria Town, which is Asia’s largest private real estate development in terms of area and infrastructure. It is a stunning masterpiece and has been one of the best projects he undertook in his whole career.

His main goal is to create employment opportunities for people of the weaker economic section. He has always provided great help during hours of need, such as, during natural calamities. Malik Riaz Bahria Town also aims to raise funds for the country for which he has asked the help from the wealthy members of the society. He has not received a great response, but he is not ready to give up.

Going through all his help during any kind of crisis, you will find that he was the first one to step ahead and help people. It doesn’t matter which kind of unfortunate incident occurs; he is always there to help. During the Pakistan Flood in 2010 or the earthquake in 2005, he helped people by providing instant help.

Even with the Margalla Tower and fire incident in Marriott hotel, he helped in several ways and reach out to all those who were surfing. Bahria Town emergency fleet services were first to reach the recent fire disaster at the Ghakkar Plaza, a leading commercial centre in Saddar Rawalpindi & Marriott Hotel Islamabad.

Life as a Philanthropist

Over the past couple of years, Malik Riaz Hussain stayed active as a dedicated philanthropist to guide people. He gave all his time to literate by providing education. With the help of his expertise as well as the financial resources, he helped by generously make a difference in individuals’ life.

Enhancing the quality of life is the main motto of Malik Riaz Hussain. To bring this dream to success, he recently vowed 75 per cent of total wealth. It exceeds two billion US dollars and putting such amount for a welfare initiative help by a movement of change in several regions of the country.

No doubt education is important, and Malik is also putting his efforts to educate. According to him, it is the only method which is efficient enough to take over poverty. By establishing a stable trust fund for the education of privileged people, he is currently helping more than 100K people around the country.

In 1997, Malik Hussain established Dr A. Q. Khan college and it is in Rawalpindi. Apart from colleges, he is also running plenty of schools and providing scholarships along with micro-finance loans to help students.  After all these deeds of Malik, the quality of education improved by a significant amount.

To add more into his work of bringing education to the country and feeding people, Malik Riaz Hussain tried his best calling out help from rich society as well as to come forward. Till now, he is not getting such a good response, but the parameters are changing pretty fast, and it is going to be easy to find great results in upcoming days.

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