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The 6 Most Famous Historical Landmarks In Russia

Russia is so big that planning a trip there would be a daunting task. The unique and distinctive culture of the country provides travelers with a lengthy list of “must-sees.” Russia is famous not only for its natural landscapes but also for its unmatched cultural and historical landmarks.

The Russian Federation has a history that will leave you stunned. Since the country has experienced the change of power many a time, its history has become diverse and fragmented. The cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow are ideal for the people who prefer Cheap Flight Tickets to examine the historical perspective of the country because most of the historical landmarks are located in these cities. Today, we will take you to the historical journey of Russia, where you will explore the 6 ancient gems of the biggest country on the planet. Let’s get started.

1.     St. Basin’s Cathedral

Built from 1555 to 1561, the St. Basin’s Cathedral is a historic church in Red Square in Moscow. It was the city’s tallest building until the Ivan the Great Bell Tower superseded it in 1600. The original structure of the church contained eight more churches. It was perceived as an allegory of Jerusalem Temple in the 16th and 17th century.

The building is designed like the flame of a bonfire going high into the sky. The architect experts claim that the design has no parallel in the entire country. The church truly depicts the glory of old Russia.

2.     Red Square

In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the red square is also a famous tourist attraction in Russia. The name of this square comes from “Krasnaya,” which means “beautiful” and “red.” It is located in Moscow city, which is famous for landmark buildings and ancient heritage.

From the 17th to 19th century, this place was a trade center, and people also knew it as a spiritual place. This place holds a remarkable significance due to the prominent events of the 20th century. During World War II, the troops marched on it and took part in the military parade. Similarly, various military pacts were also signed under the shadows of the Red Square.

3.     State Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum is famous not only for the historical artworks stored in it but also for its stunning design and architecture. The galleries of the museum are awash with the pictures of the Romanov tsars and Egyptian civilization. Getting the ticket for Russia from Turkish Airlines Flight Booking would be an inexpensive affair.

The museum has six buildings, and five among them are open to the public. If you are a foreigner, then you would have to pay a little bit extra to enter the museum. The paintings of the museum are so famous that various billionaires have tried to buy them but are still unsuccessful.

4.     Mayakovskaya Metro Station

This metro station is considered to be the most innovative and beautiful stations in the world. The station is named after the famous Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. It has 34 soviet colored marble columns that quadruple the beauty of the design. The columns are made up of stainless steel and grey streamlines.

It is located 33 meters beneath the surface and has the convenience of ventilation and pleasant fragrance. The station also has a political significance as various political leaders of Russia used this spot for delivering the speeches. Stalin also took residence in this place during World War II.

5.     Church Of The Savior On Blood

The church can be easily recognized as its walls are embellished with colorful art. Its onion shape domes can be seen from several miles away. It is located on a spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated. The traditional Russian decoration is the hallmark of the church, which was completed in 1907.

It contains 7,500 sq m of the mosaics that entirely cover the interior ceilings, thereby depicting the biblical figures and scenes. In order to enter the church, you must pick up the tickets and photography permits from the administrative office.

6.     The Kremlin

The Kremlin is unquestionably a symbol of Russian power and statehood. Opulent buildings and attractive domes characterize the triangular-shaped complex. It is basically made up of ancient cathedrals that have undergone various modifications. It spans an area of 28 hectares and hosts several palaces, churches, and a medieval fortress.

The place is also a cemetery to a number of religious leaders of Russia. The history enthusiasts can fulfill their appetite here by visiting its Armory that showcases the historical exhibits, including Faberge eggs, Orlov diamond, and the ceremonial clothing.


The sole purpose of mentioning these places is to familiarize you with the historical beauty of Russia in advance. Planning everything ahead will not only save your time but also allow you to spend your days with the outright enjoyment. Visit to book the flights of Russia at a low price.

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