Friday, January 22

Sponsorship Visa (A guide for employers!)

Employers around the globe at times face issues in hiring. There are many employers who feel that the talent pool available in their country is not in alignment with their needs and they have to look outside to complete their teams.

Same is the case with most of the UK based businesses. However, when they need to hire someone from outside the UK they need to acquire a sponsor licence. This is the Home Office granting them permission to hire non-UK employees. This is a tricky application to make and you need to be sure of your needs.

Earlier, the licence was required to hire people from countries which were not part of the European Union. However, now post-Brexit and the end of free movement the licence is required to hire anyone outside of the UK.

There are two types of sponsor licences, tier 2 and tier 5. The two categories are made to distinguish between the type of workers being hired. Tier 2 category is for those employers who want to hire permanent employees who have specialised skills in their field of study. On the other hand, tier 5 is used when a person needs to be hired for temporary or contractual work. Tier 5 is also used for the exchange of employees within the same company across borders. These two sponsor licence categories have multiple sub-categories too that can be chosen on the basis of their relevance.

We all know how important it is for a business to have great employees. Employees can make or break any organisation. A good team is necessary for good work and definitely, for generating profits.

However, before making the application you should be aware of the costs that it involves and if it is actually worth the expenditure to hire a non-UK employee.

The fees or cost of the application differs on the basis of the organisation’s size. The smaller the organisation the lesser the cost and the bigger the organisation, the extensive the cost. The fees vary from € 536 to € 1476. Also, along with the basic fees, the business also has to pay the yearly immigration skills charge and the yearly immigration health surcharge for every non-UK employee they hire.

If you already have a sponsor licence and need to extend the scope by adding more sub-categories or categories of tier 2 or tier 5 to your existing licence then you can do so by making an application and paying the additional stipulated fees.

To apply for the sponsor licence you should visit the website of the Home Office. At the moment, due to the pandemic, the application process has been made completely virtual. You will also have to hire an accounts manager to keep track of your sponsor licence duties, you may also need more team members for the same. Before making the application be sure to have all your documents in place. It is very important to be thorough for this application.

Once you have the sponsor licence you can hire anyone from across the globe. You should advertise far and wide to find the perfect talent to complete your team and help you make your business successful.

Also, you will need to provide any person you want to hire with a certificate of sponsorship so that they can apply for a tier 2 visa. The certificate has additional costs.

The sponsor licence that you will be given is valid for only 4 years. However, you can get it renewed easily if you have fulfilled all the duties that are required of you. The renewal cost is again the same as the original cost of a sponsor licence. You can also consult an immigration solicitor in this case.

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