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Perks of pregnancy

Being pregnant is hard, period. Your body is undergoing changes that lead to problems around the body.

Those who are working also then have to manage their bodies, their yet-to-be born babies, their house and their partner. There are also finances to consider as well.

Moreover, pregnancy also involves a lot of physical discomfort. There are aches and pains around the body that also make the state of a pregnant woman even harder.

If, however, your condition is alarmingly bad, you should not hesitate in seeking out the help of your Gynecologist in Islamabad.

Things are not all that bleak when it comes to pregnancy. There are many perks of being pregnant as well. Some of these include:


When you are pregnant, you are more likely to get the much due attention from the family and your partner. This attention tends to feel good; for once, you are being coddled, your wishes are being catered to, your comfort is most important.

Being unapologetic for your body

A female body performs something akin to a miracle during pregnancy; a baby is nourished and nurtured inside the womb. This miraculous nature of the entire ordeal helps one realize how wonderful their body is.

Moreover, during pregnancy, women gain weight and acclimatize with something other than the conventional image of size 0 ideal. When you become comfortable in your skin, you also stop apologizing for a figure that is not extremely skinny. Embrace those curves and have a fun time rocking your body.

Be yourself

People tend to accommodate women who are pregnant, as naturally, they deserve it. While otherwise you have to be polite and get into commitments that you detest otherwise, but with pregnancy comes a genuine excuse and plenty of consideration for by the people.

Comfortable apparel

You may enjoy flaunting that pair of skinny jeans, but let’s be honest, they can be extremely uncomfortable as well. When you are pregnant, you get to bid adieu thetight garb and wearing something loose and well, comfortable.

Enjoying food

Even though for some women, the first trimester may be marred by morning sickness, but it tends to subside after the first three months. After this time, women are free to indulge in foods that they want and desire without being conscious about their weight.

During these months, they pamper themselves and get pampered, so no food request is too big for fulfillment.


Pregnancy also brings with itself some much-needed perspective. It allows you to take stock of what is important in your life. You tend to realize what the love of mother means, material possessions are not everything, and love matters the most.

Relaxing time

When you are making a baby, there is little else people can expect to you to do. So, during this period, simply relax. Sleep when you want to, coddle yourself and do all that, guilt freely.

The glow

Due to the hormonal changes in the body, hair fall decreases during these nine months. Moreover, there is also the glow that accompanies the entire period of pregnancy. So, relish in the lush hair and glowing complexion.

No periods!

Periods are not something to make lightly of. Granted that pregnancy also brings with itself its fair share of problems, but you do not have to bear the monthly cycle and the toll that it takes on the body. No more PMS, no more hormonal changes that bring problems like migraines, no more cramps.

Time to prepare

Pregnancy gives you ample time to prepare yourself for a baby. It is important that partners be vested in raising healthy children, which involves a lot of learning. You also need to be in the right state of mind to raise a baby, and during these 9 months, you get to talk to a therapist through and have your concerns and qualms addressed.

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