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How To Use Facebook Ads For E-Commerce Business? 5 Secret Tips

Do you run an e-commerce business? Looking for ways to make the most out of the highly used social media website – Facebook? Here is all you need to know about that. Let’s get started!

Being one of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook has room for number of business to market their product or services. Whether it is getting help from online thesis help or selling products from your e-commerce store, Facebook can take care of all your marketing needs.

If you are not working on strategically planning your Facebook ads now, you are more likely to miss one of the most golden opportunities to make online money from your e-commerce store. While over billion of users spending time on Facebook each day, everyone try to benefit from each of its feature and make the most out of it. So why not marketers use it to their advantage and help their business reach out maximum number of audience.

To help you with carrying out more effective and impactful Facebook advertisement for your e-commerce store, here are 5 secret tips that will bring some positive results to your marketing output.

1.     Focus on Running Re-targeting Campaigns

Did you know that approximately 72% of the people who do online shopping end up leaving their cart without finishing their purchase? Among those, only 8% of abandoned their shopping cart will come back. E-commerce businesses have ample chances to bring 25% of those customers back to your store. How?

Running a re-targeting campaign to approach those gone customers helps you do that. While you spend money and efforts to attract new customers to do shopping from your e-commerce store, you should not neglect those customer who were already interested in buying some of your products and left their cart due to some reason. With the help of offering attractive discount, giving them coupons, and other offers, you have an ample chance to re-target those customers.

2.     Advertisement Via Multiple Product

Have you noticed the display of multiple product advertisement running on your homepage? Being one of the most catchy and useful advertisement techniques on Facebook, it offers a range of benefits to both business and audience.

  • Multiple features of the product can be presented
  • Customers have number of options at a time
  • This approach is directly proportional to the conversion rate as more people will see multiple ads; it is more likely that they click on any of them.
  • Companies can experience significant increase in their click-through-rates with the help of running multiple products at a time.

Though other factors are equally important in making Facebook ad successful, it is good for e-commerce marketers to take a start with this approach and analyze the output drawn from its implementation. Upon getting some positive results, you can continue with this strategy and keep gaining fruitful results.

3.     Video Ads Will Be Eye-Catching

Since video marketing is considered to be one of the engaging approach and interesting advertisement approach, e-commerce businesses can make efficient use of it by producing interesting videos that market their products of online store.

Even Facebook has added additional option of viewing list of videos to make its audience intact. So, why not use it efficiently to covey your e-commerce marketing and make the most out of it?

You can also approach right target audience by investing your money and time and help them connect to your e-commerce store through right channel. Since it has been proven that videos have a greater impact on people’s minds than images, marketers should invest proper time and efforts to make them personalized and informative to connect to their target audience and expand their business.

Here are some of the facts video marketing will provide to your business:

  • Viewers get to spend an engaging and interesting few minutes.
  • They will remember your brand and even spread it to others by sharing the video
  • Videos helps you humanize your business

4.     Boost A Previous Post

Are you doubtful in planning out a new marketing campaign for your e-commerce store? Well, majority of marketers are. Why not take a good start with boosting a previous post?

Often there is a post that has made a significant impact when posted earlier. It would be great idea to boost that post again so that your existing and potential audience can re-connect to it. It would significantly less-risky to work on the post that has already been successful in the past and will again hit your social media marketing with a boom. Since results are guaranteed, boosting up a past post is considered by most of the business as an effective approach towards building up a greater customer’s base.

5.     Give Discount Offers

Offering discounts to grab your customer’s attention is another major strategy when it comes to Facebook marketing through advertisement. You can make a combo of couple of products from your e-commerce store and give some percentage of discounts on those items. You can also go for “Buy 1-Get 1” offer.

Those customers who lose any item or quit buying it because of some reason can now avail the offer and the business become successful in retaining their valuable customers. While implementing this strategy, you must ensure that the discount offer do not affect your sale and profiting in the long run.

Upon clicking the discount advertisement, the users will get a code through which they can avail that offer. Business will get a perfect picture of how many people have taken advantage from that offer.

Use 8 Tips and Boost Your E-commerce Sale

While you try to implement the above mentioned strategies, make sure to have patience and remain dedicated. There can be few times that it might not work in first or second attempt, but your continuous efforts will help in significant uplift in the overall e-commerce sale.

Don’t forget, dissertation writing services in Pakistan suggest that Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so it is worth spending your money, time and energy to. Through complete dedication, you will have positive results in your e-commerce business.


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