Tuesday, January 18

How to Plan a Summer Trip with Your Child

Summer is just a few months away and our skin has started embracing the mild heat slowly. The days are getting longer, warmer and summer is here knocking at the door. Summer is not just about scorching sun and dripping sweats, it is about a whole month of vacation, when your child gets one month break from his school and starts crying for a family vacation in a place less warm but full of fun and activity that keeps them alive, so that after they resume their classes post-summer, they would have a bunch of stories to tell to their friends. Summer is the time when your family turns into Griswold family, who wishes to plan a vacation full of joy and adventure amidst the love of family. It’s the season of ice cream, swimming, enjoying water adventure, taking out your summer clothes from your closets and a trip to a place of your dream, where your child can enjoy his heart out.

With a fresh season upon us, it’s the time we should start planning for a family vacation. When taking your child for a vacation along with you, there are a lot of things come to your mind and so to make it easy for you to decide a place which is kid-friendly, I have brought forth you some tips. Let’s check it out.

Select destination

If you want to avoid the heat of summer, visit hill stations. In India, you will find a lot of hill stations in almost every state. From Jammu and Kashmir, to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand to Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, you will be amazed by the majestic landscape of each place, where nature has bestowed all its glory to the natives. Alternately, if you are picturing a vacation in a seashore, Andaman Nicobar island is undoubtedly an ideal place to visit with your little bunch of happiness.

Identify what your child needs to learn and discover during the trip

A child can adapt anything you teach easily. A child has a sharp brain and as a parent, it is your responsibility to utilize this when it is the right time. Traveling practically teaches us a lot and we shouldn’t miss this point. Take your children to a heritage site, monuments and let them see the history closely. It will help them remember the name of the monuments, year of building, creator etc.

Book early

It’s the peak season in summer and so you must book flight and hotel early so that you don’t have to fall prey of expensive fare at the last moment. Booking early can make everything so easy, that you will have enough time to plan your itinerary perfectly and pack everything you might need. Booking a flight from an online flight booking portal has made everything so easy, that you don’t need to stand in a queue to get your flight ticket booked.

Pack your bag properly

Since you will have a kid along with you, it is better to pack your bag sincerely. Remember that you are traveling with a kid, so taking a fast-aid box, comfortable summer clothes, sunscreen, summerhat should be there always and if your kid is having an allergy, bring the particular medicine. Take care of yourself too as your kid totally relies on you and so if you fall sick, the happy vacation will turn out to be a spoiler.

Traveling is an enticing activity and it let us learn new things. When you take your kid for a vacation, it let him experience a variety of adventure and even may be a few challenges along the way. If you are planning for an international holiday, taking assistance from travel agents in Mumbai for international tours will be helpful. They are well-versed about the places and history behind it, so that your child can learn a lot from his trip. But, till then, with an exciting summer vacation all mapped out, you and your child will have something better to look forward. Bon voyage!

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