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How to accessorize your EID outfit with jewelry

Ramadan is just around the corner and the only thing we anticipate other than fasting is the EID. Young, old, kids, man and woman, everyone enjoys the festivities of Eid. The preparations start even before the month of Ramadan. Shopping is another activity that takes over everyone and we can’t stop ourselves getting out in the bazaars, malls, and markets. Jewelry for girls on EID becomes the most important part of their dress. And here starts the quest to find the best matching jewelry with your outfit. Here we are sharing expert tips on how you can accessories your EID outfit with matching jewelry and what jewelry you must consider buying.

Bangles or Choorian:

Those “Mehndi Lage Hath” can become the most beautiful and attractive part of your body when mixed with desi choorian. These desi bangles are a special treat from our traditional jewelry squad. Moreover, bangles are the perfect jewelry to wear with your half sleeve shirts exposing half of your arms. So, make choorian as a must have in your list of jewelry to accessorize your Eid outfit in 2019. You can also give try to metal bangles this EID for a unique touch to your attire.

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Earrings or Jhumkas:

There’s nothing that can match the charm of classy earrings on a special day of Eid. We girls have been wearing earring ever since we were able to walk around and play with our friends. Among all special jewelry pieces to try this EID, earrings are very diverse in options and styles. You can choose as per dress style from a huge assortment of styles and trends. Studs, hoop earrings, chandler earrings and all sorts of jhumkas are the options you can ponder well before coming to a decision.


Neck jewelry is also important to complement the overall outfit for your EID. And it can’t be anything other than a necklace. The necklace is the most vibrant and portraying jewelry piece you can try with any kind of fancy apparel. Also, there are too many options for a lady to choose between fancy or simple necklaces. However, keeping in mind the overall fancy theme of your dress, making a contrast with the simple necklace is better. You can go for a chain style necklace, stone necklace or even a simple choker could be the best jewelry on your neck.


Girls do want to use every body part to accessorize with the jewelry. And fingers are too special to wear something. Rings come to play a romantic part here. It is rightfully said, women cannot let go of rings and we have to accept the reality. Keep your ring choice simple but choosy this EID to get the perfect look for your hands, and those candid hand shots that you will post on your social media wearing mehndi.

Statement Jewelry:

EID is one of the most important festivals we are bestowed upon by Allah Almighty. It is a onetime event the whole year, so you should not mess your style with little mistakes. If you are wearing maxi or skirt type dresses, go for jewelry that either matches the shade of the dress or try out darker shades. Also, remember not to overdo any specific jewelry i.e. do not wear too many earrings or bangles or avoid necklace if you are wearing heavy jhumkas.

Last words:

One of the most important considerations you need to take care of is choosing a place to buy jewelry. While markets and malls offer a good experience, online jewelry shopping in Pakistan on special occasions like Eid and weddings is getting traction from customers around the country. The biggest benefit you can avail of online shopping is to compare from huge catalog or products, also, prices are massively competitive online, so you might get the best deal.

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