Wednesday, January 19

How Sabre is Increasing Efficiency for The Global Travel Firms

The travel industry is one of the fastest developing commercial sectors in the world and this proliferation will not come to an end until tech-expert deliver the best solution to the industry to cater to the requirements of millennial travelers. The concept of airline reservation system first came to the forefront in the early fifties to empower the aviation industry toproliferate its wings and enhance the business. Sabre Global Distribution System, owned by Sabre holdings, is used by travel agents around the world with more than 400 airlines, 2,20,000 hotels, 42 car rental brands and 38 train providers and 17 cruises. It enables the travel agencies to get easy access to the largest inventory of airlines, hotels, train, cruise and even cars as mentioned earlier.

Earlier, the industry was serving limited services for a limited region and after technology took charge of it, the industry got wide exposure. Sabre has created a large marketplace for the travel firms. Sabre API Integration connects travel suppliers with buyers by leveraging the global marketplace.

The key benefits of Sabre API Integration are as follows:

  • Extensive series of air/ car/ hotel/ PNR/ other miscellaneous services to access sabre content
  • Provides single point of access to the sabre system
  • Uses XML, SOAP and travel industry standard
  • Frees you from constraint of existing system and technology
  • Allows you to integrate any web serviced-enabled functionality in your customized application
  • Using event notification services minimizes mid-office robotic polling and can reduce scan volumes

GDS has been introduced initially to dig out the insights of airline industry and later the services have been expanded to other sectors like hotel inventory, bus or car rental service and many more-

  • Flight reservation system
  • Hotel booking system
  • Car reservation system
  • Train reservation system
  • Cruise reservation system

Travel service aggregators are consolidating an extensive array of data from giant travel service suppliers to further distribute it among the consumers and the business is running well by building loyalty among those who are associated with the industry.  Travel Portal Development Companies are innovating new techniques that can proclaim the credibility to proffer the industry even more efficient and convenient solution to serve the largest market.

The market is over-crowded and variation in the requirements makes it more complicated to provide the best services that can satisfy the clients. So, the industry was (is) looking for more smart ways to serve the industry and to some extent, they become successful too. Looking at the ease of doing the process, OTAs are coming forward to integrate Sabre into their existing websites, so that they can gather information from the suppliers.It is an efficient and cost effective distribution channel that helps airlines, hotels, cars to increase their market reach.

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