Tuesday, January 18

How Companies are working with Big Data: Top Vendors to Watch Out For

$ 47 Billion – that’ the size of the Big Data Analytics market we are staring at in 2022. In the next three years, 75% of the global companies would invest 100 times more into Big Data Analytics resources compared to their current investments.

How would you react to a report when it states that a particular industry would grow by 2000 times from its current state in the next 10 years? With excitement and with optimism, of course! Isn’t it?

Therefore, you should eye these top Big Data Vendors and how they deliver powerful analytics to their customers.


IBM Big Data Science is a pioneer in the field. It provides the highest volume of job opportunities by virtue of ongoing Big Data projects. Together with other analytics companies such as Hortonworks, IBM is leading research into AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Text analytics, Predictive analytics, NLP and much more.

Baidu Research

Baidu works on cutting-edge Big Data research to better harness real-time analytics via sustainable data science and data mining capabilities. It is also focused on developing and improving Big Data Analytics research for interdisciplinary Business Intelligence, Identity Management, Robotics, and Autonomous Vehicle.


A mature player in the landscape, Teradata has a clear roadmap for data and analytics, separately. It has managed to develop, improve and deliver on customer expectations, helping leading organizations in the diverse sectors to capitalize on Big Data Analytics.

AWS Big Data

Amazon is not just an e-commerce company. Today, its Big Data infrastructure is worth billions of dollars.  Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, and the rest of the AWS Big Data platform are central to most Cloud Analytics projects within the current AWS ecosystem.

Why Big Data Analytics is so essential?

Big Data Analytics Course is now an essential subject in engineering and management schools. In the age of Quantum Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing are converging at research labs of various organizations that are driven to quickly solve complex problems.

Here are five undeviating reasons why Big Data and analytics are recognized as absolutely necessary today to operate a business –

  1. Big Data Analytics provides 60% of the information needed to make decisions to stay competitive in the market.
  2. 75% of the businesses rely on Big Data alone, to verify the effectiveness of their ongoing Marketing, Sales and Customer Service efforts.
  3. Technologies like Big Data and Dark Data analytics are absolutely necessary to mitigate risks associated with fraud, cybersecurity, privacy and data regulations, and data fragmentation.
  4. Big data scientists and IT professionals with certification in analytics have 28% higher chances of doubling their salary in the next 2 years.
  5. To deal with new sources of data and to understand the shifting dynamic of analytics coming from various platforms, Big Data could open up a hundred new avenues in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

With rampaging pace of technology, growth comes challenges of different kinds. One of those is—lack of adequate talent and expertise. Clearly, there are more opportunities for professionals in this field.

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