Tuesday, January 18

Honda Sport Bike Buyer’s Guide

Sportbikes blow regular street bikes out of the water in terms of versatility and off-roading capabilities. There are so many options to choose from, but as usual, Honda lives up to its reputation in creating quality bikes that can handle practically any type of terrain you take them through. Whether you’re in the market for your very first sportbike or you’re looking to upgrade your current version, here’s a brief Honda sportbike buyer’s guide to help you get started.

Honda XR650L

The XR650L has very good off-road suspension, so those big bumps and ridges will only jostle you a little. This girthy bike is just under 350 pounds with petrol and has five speeds. It’s an electric-start bike that has good maneuverability but is a bit underpowered by some standards. The tires are durable, but as with all off-road vehicles, you’ll want to have a spare nearby in case you get a flat. Online is usually the best place to buy motorcycle tires because of the impressive selection. You can find attractive motorcycle aftermarket parts online as well.

Honda CRF450L

The new 450L dual-sporting machine is fuel-injected and has a twin-spar aluminum frame. It also has catalytic muffler technology to keep it quiet and in compliance with EPA regulations. The full Showa suspension is like a dream to ride, but it’s important to note this bike is rather heavy for its kind. You could get rid of excess weight by purchasing lightweight OEM parts Honda motorcycle.

Honda CRF250L Rally

If you like the flashy, retro look, you’ll love the paint job Honda gave the CRF250L Rally. It delivers mild suspension performance and motor output and is a fun entry-level machine. It’s also priced fairly for those who are just getting into the sportbike world.

Honda has a variety of great sportbikes from which you can choose. They cater to all audiences, from beginning sportbikers to off-roading experts, so it’s only a matter of time before you find the bike that’s ideal for you.

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