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Encouraging the use of electric bicycles for transport brings benefits to companies and employees

People, governments and companies are turning their eyes to the role and benefits of cycling in the population’s routine, especially in times of pandemic. Before what was just leisure, today it has become the main means of transportation for many people.

Walking with this trend of increasing use of skinny as transport, electric bicycles have been gaining ground. According to a recent survey, 56% of those who use an electric bicycle for transport, previously used a car, this shows the potential of this vehicle and the importance of investing in adequate structures so that more people can use the e-bike.

The beginning of this change may come from companies, in carrying out projects that encourage the use and facilitate access to electric bicycles. Many modern companies are now starting to implement the use of ebikes for their employees. Ebikes have proven to be a solution for workers to move from one place to another very easily.

Why should companies encourage their employees to use the electric bicycle?

Basically, the e-bike incentive is related to people’s quality of life and a life with healthier habits. We understand that people who commute daily to go to work on circuits of up to 20 km round trip can use the e-bike as an alternative to public transport, especially in times of pandemic. By switching from their car to an electric bicycle, they avoid spending long periods in traffic, also helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improving the sustainability of the planet.

Another important issue is that by adopting the electric bicycle as a means of transport, people save time and money.

Does ebikes establish partnerships with companies so that they can offer e-bikes to employees?

Yes, it does, first a diagnosis is made to understand the customer’s need and think of the best product solution and project operation, then a commercial proposal is made.

What structure does the company need to have to facilitate the use of bicycles?

Basically it needs a covered space with outlets to recharge the batteries and an air compressor to inflate the tires. The company can also provide a bicycle rack and changing room, the latter two are not essential, but it improves even more the interest of employees in starting to use the e-bike as transport.

What benefits can encouraging the use of an electric bicycle bring to the company?

Show employees and the market the importance of practices related to sustainable economy. People who switched from conventional transport to the electric bicycle are happier, with this employees will work happier and thus produce more and better. In addition to saving when exchanging the transportation voucher for the electric bicycle.

Is there any movement in the sector to make encouraging the use of e-bikes viable?

Some companies are seeking together with the government to offer companies the option of granting electric bicycles as an alternative to transportation vouchers.

What benefits can the employee have when using the exchange?

Perform physical activity, improve health and make commuting a happy time. For both the company and employees, encouraging the use of electric bicycles brings countless benefits.

For use in a large office/factory environment, a folding electric bike is the most suitable solution. Its compact shape and light weight will facilitate mobility in a closed environment. In a broader perspective, ebikes are a real solution for modern mobility that focuses on fitness, practicality and environmental friendliness. Hopefully this short article has given you some perspective. Thanks for reading this short article and have a nice day!

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