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Choose the Finest Universal Materials used for making Watches

The people who are obsessed with collecting watches always try to find uniquely made watches. They not only fascinated by the designs and styles but also look for other qualities. Many of these people try to possess watches that are made of rare and unique materials.

Finest Universal Materials for Making Watches

There are many watchmakers that prefer to use the finest universal material that can be added in the category of Buy online watches for women. The women are the ones who like and are interested in buying watches that are made from uncommon materials. Below are material types; some of them you know about but others you must have never heard of.

Buy online watches for women made by Stainless Steel

The most universally used material in making a watch is stainless steel. The iron and carbon alloy is combined with chromium and pennie to make this material. If you are in search of a watch that is resistant to several types of damages like scratch and breaking down then stainless steel is the material for you to choose. A polish finish gives a fine look; on the other hand, brushing is right for watches used outdoors.

Wood Used as Material

Wood is one material that comes in different colors and textures. The watchmakers can create distinct and beautiful styles from this material because designs can be carved on to it. An environmental benefit of wood is that it can easily decompose and doesn’t cause harm to the climate. As the wood matures through the ages; the watches start to show off glaze and shimmer. Natural elements like water and sun have no effect on it because the watches are also made of a natural material called wood.

Titanium watches

Almost all of the luxury watches are made of titanium. Women who are seeking watches that have an expensive look but at the same, it is lighter in weight when compared with other material; then titanium is right for you. The people who are sensitive to different other metals can wear this alloy. To make watches more durable the metal is mixed with other minerals to make it stronger.

Ceramic made wristwatches

This material has many good characteristics that make it the best choice for watch manufacturers to use. It is made of zirconium oxide which is actual clay that is hardened; which makes it heat tolerant and free form scratches. As compared to titanium which is difficult to handle; ceramic is easily managed to give an ever-lasting shine. The material has the quality that it is closely grained together so that it can be cleaned without any difficulty. It is also lightweight making it convenient to use anywhere.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Gold, silver, and platinum are similar in one characteristic; that it is a natural material. Silver and platinum can only be coated with water containing other metals. But gold comes in four forms. The purest form is the white gold; then comes the yellow which is the original color. The rose and black gold is also pure gold 24 karat but to give the desired color. If you are looking expensive watches to wear at formal parties then select this metal.

Use of Carbon Fiber

When the carbon atoms are bonded with each other; give a long chain of carbon fiber. Once composed properly the watches made from it is strong but at the same time light in weight but there is no compromise with the quality of the watch. It costs the buyer a good amount of money and the watches can damage easily but it will raise your reputation in the eyes of others.

Physical Vapor Deposition

A thin coat sheet of different metals and alloys is created through vacuuming. Then this sheet is coated on ordinary metal to give the watches an expensive look. This technique is similar to water platted material but the main difference is that it is more enduring.

Silicon Rubber watches

When two materials; rubber that is natural and silicon a synthetic material are combined then we get watches with properties of both materials. The watches made from silicon rubber are waterproof and lightweight, but at the same time, the buyers can choose from a wide variety of colors. This watch material is best suited for outdoor activities.

Watches made of Plastic

For those people who have an allergy to metal then selecting plastic when you Buy online watches for womens is the best. Although it doesn’t look classy and luxurious as other materials it can serve a good purpose of telling time. So be very careful when you select the material right for your needs.

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