Wednesday, January 19

Chatbots are revolutionizing the travel industry

The travel sector has grown to an alarming extend by leaps and bounds. The travel and tourism sector has recorded an alarming increase in the gross domestic product of the country ever year. The travel and the tourism sector has picked up exponentially over the last decade just as that of the travel companies. People are thinking of new ways to support the growing industry with technical support with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The travel companies are under high pressure to cater to the demands and the needs of the new age traveler who are tech savvy and digitally adept. Thus, the travel companies are seeking the help of AI through chatbots to make travel and tourism more convenient.

Chatbots in travel sector:

A number of travel companies are beginning to understand the importance of digitizing their business and have started to transform their travel business digitally so as to retain their existing customers and to attract more travelers. They also continue to seek new ways to enhance their consumer journey and to make their travel experience more convenient. With the advancements in technology, the way people plan their trips have changed. Travelers no longer take help from their local travel agent to book their flight or hotel. They have understood the importance of transforming their digital experience so as to attract new clients and to retain the existing ones.

What are chatbots and their implications in the travel sector:

Chatbots in the travel industryare computer programs that behave like virtual companions and they communicate with us with the help of text messages and artificial intelligence. These chatbots are integrated with the messaging apps and websites and automate businesses in their regular tasks. Chatbots are been utilized in the travel sector to a great extent so as to cater to the needs of the new age travelers and to stand strong in the face of competition. Below are some of the areas where chatbots come to use in the travel industry.

  1. Hotel and flight reservations: They help in flight bookings and hotel reservations: The flight reservation and hotel bookings are the primary part of planning a trip. People make use of a number of apps and websites for the lowest flight prices and the best hotels. Chatbots are a user friendly, consistent and intuitive solution to put an end to the tiresome booking process.
  2. Travel assistance: The chatbots are of much help in deciding an itinerary and its refreshing conversations are an excellent replacement for long probes and forms. They are able to comprehend even vague queries and offer an elaborate set of services for the traveler. A chatbots suggests holiday spots and recommendations on hotels and flights.
  3. Customer service: Human agents may not be available to offer prompt support during peak travel time or during holiday seasons. Chatbots work round the clock and help with even international travels as well at ease.

Final words:

Chatbots are self-sufficient in handling the entire travel sectorand even if the human interruption is needed, they are able to render the complete set of information and notify the human agent. Some of the best chatbots companies for travel offer highly interactive chatbots and makes the entire process as easy as cakewalk.

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