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Benefits of Coworking Space to Pakistani Freelancers

Working from home as a freelancer may have its own merits. For example, freelancers don’t get to pay for membership plans or commuting to shared spaces. However, many established freelancers in Pakistan find it more resourceful to drive into nearby coworking spaces for a variety of reasons. Many budding entrepreneurs and freelancers in Pakistan refer to the idea of coworking space as a blend of comfortable workstations with the ambiance of a corporate workplace.

This blog is comprised of insights from TheDesk Coworking Space tenants. Their experiences recognized some of the key perks of working in communal spaces that helped Pakistani freelancers flourish globally.

Making New Alliances

As freelancer, you may consider scaling up someday. Therefore, coworking space is a practical solution to make new alliances with like-minded individuals whom you can easily reach out to for any professional consultation without paying a penny. Additionally, community space managers always ensure to maintain a progressive culture in which the spirit of creativity, communication skills, team-building opportunities and work concentration level reaches new leaps and bounds.

Being Solo Freak

If you don’t like working solo from home every time, paying for coworking space allows freelancers to engage with other fellow coworkers. Moreover,working from home may come with a lot of distractions as well, such as home related obligations which usually cause imbalance in working as freelancer. Coworking spaces on the contrary provides freedom of all such worries.

TheDesk Coworking Space has introduced a variety of membership packages to meet the demand of growing freelance market in Pakistan. In addition, its business model also encourages startups enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs who might be willing to come in team fashion seeking a private office for rent in Islamabad.

Be at Ease

Coworking spaces work round the clock. Thus, coworkers enjoy the freedom of coming and leaving to space as they please. This autonomy which is associated with coworking space is highly appreciated among the freelance community in Pakistan.

One other key benefit of co-working space is that it gives coworkers the option to select the working setting.  Whether they chose a dedicated desk for delivering their thoughts or they want extra collaborative space by means of shared desks in which interaction would be convenient and formal.

Sticking to Deadlines

Meeting deadlines on projects as a freelancer is indeed important and distractions that are usually associated with a home-based work setting are undeniable. Having a membership plan in nearby work station that serves people 24/7 is considered a viable benefit with employee monitoring tools among remote workers in Pakistan. With continues service provision; coworking spaces support people to work as long as they may can in order to ensure timely delivery of their projects.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is imperative. Also, both are rather highly dependent on each other. Coworking spaces help individuals in maintaining their daily routines as well as it allow them to dedicate enough time for other healthy activities.

Bypassing Overhead Expenses

Coworking space let people bypass various expenses as setting up a personal workstation is usually not feasible in the beginning phase of every startup. The idea of looking into coworking space could prove very beneficial if an established freelancer considers bringing in his/her team to work in shared desks or private office.


While some may deny the benefits of working as coworker, however others see it as a befitting choice to work and grow by capitalizing coworking space services and amenities. In Pakistan, where freelancers usually come across many hurdles and distractions, coworking space is a feasible solution to address every hurdle. Coworkers from diverse background come to work under one shared roof has its perks such as networking opportunities, work autonomy, maintaining work-life balance, teaming up with other professionals, work concentration and moral boost while being surrounded by coworker community.

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