Tuesday, January 18

Are Showbiz Women Stronger?

Since the footage of breaking into the house of the model and actress Uzma Khan and resultant physical abuse went viral on social media, a large number of people have been talking about it. Still there seems no full stop to people’s comments.

What we saw in the videos a woman named Amena Malik along with guards and some other women allegedly Amber and Pashmina Malik who are said to be daughters of property tycoon Malik Riaz barged into the house of model Uzma Khan. They threatened the actress and her sister, hurled abuses, slapped them and sprinkled liquid on them. We can also see in the videos shattered glasses and damaged articles strewn around the property, as well as blood stains on the floor. Despite the terrified victims pleaded for mercy, the invaders kept on beating and abusing them.

This by all means is a criminal act. The case must be processed on the lines of the case of Khadija Siddiqui and the people involved in it must be convicted for the crime. The country’s law does not allow you to break and enter people’s houses and beat them. You cannot do so. This is wrong. This is shameful. This is against your very nature and upbringing as a woman.

What people will think about your family background? This is not a way to take reprisal. This is violence and no one would put up with it. It is against our religion and our social values. If today, such actions are allowed, tomorrow everybody would try to practise that bad example and to take law in their hands.

And by the way, there is no place for infidelity. Infidel men and women are like rotten tomatoes in this society. They are rebellions who are imposing threat against civilization, against noble men and women who are living a respectful life in society. Regulators must probe into the ‘relationship’ between Uzma Khan and Usman Malik. What had been going on between the two and whether such ‘friendship’ is justifiable as per the established norms and values of our society, as well as religious teachings. For now, no one has come out in the support of their dissolute behavior, if it proves to be true. Instead of being a role model of ethics and values, you are corrupting your followers’ minds.

And it is not merely the responsibility of a woman to maintain social and moral values. Rather a man too is responsible for exhibiting good character. If despite having a good and faithful wife, you indulge in illicit relations with another woman, this is unlawful. This is meanness. This is unacceptable.

You are not a good husband. You must be ashamed of this act. Don’t you know it will murder the feelings of your devoted housewife and she would go through a nightmare? Haven’t you read the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) that “if you feel no shame, do as you wish”. (Sahīh al-Bukhārī). So, instead of becoming protectors and maintainers of women (Quran, 4:34), you are exploiting her modesty and her nobleness.

Should you want more women in your life, have another Nikah? Not a mistress or girlfriend, you are allowed to marry up to four women of your choice.

To abide by the moral, social, and cultural norms of a society, Islam raises the value of a woman.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has said  “The world as a whole is an asset and a man’s best asset is his virtuous wife.”

No doubt, a woman by nature is a combination of delicate thinking that not all men are able to figure out their feelings. I know when it is a matter of a woman’s spouse, she never compromises and never shows any tolerance for extra character to come and play with her feelings.

She would like to blow up like an explosive device and flare up like a fire the minute she learns that extramarital affair with another woman. In this sense, what Amna Usman Malik did could have been justified if she must not have crossed every limit. I often wonder why women cannot control their husbands? Why do they take long time in differentiating between good and bad men, between loyal and dishonest husbands? Why do they put up with them? Can’t they abandon them?
If you think the woman was allegedly having an extramarital affair with your husband, you must have acted in accordance with proper legal procedure for it.

You should have sued her in the court and most importantly have had your corrupt, tharki and false-hearted husband answerable for it. But, instead of dealing equally with both of them, you tried to humiliate only one individual and that too weaker one from your own class.

Lastly, a powerful woman is not the one who has lots of money or enjoys social status. Rather a powerful or a strong woman is actually a good woman, good in her character, the one who believes in herself and in her hidden talents. She has the ability to calm down and stay positive even when the circumstances are not in her favor.

She knows how to deal with people especially the morally corrupt ones. She thinks that instead of throwing stones at barking dogs, it is better to let it go and move on. Her true strength lies in ignoring or in taking legal action against those who harm her peace of mind.

If you want to be a strong woman, you need not necessarily be in the showbiz, it is just glamour, a deception and far away from the real life. A good a stronger woman trusts Allah and have patience whatever Allah has given to her. And as long as you stay optimistic and close to your Lord, he would never disappoint you. If you are a strong woman, you should understand that not every man is true in his claim for being in love with you.

If you want a perfect match, pray to Allah because He in the Holy Quran has described a principle according to which women impure are for men impure and men impure are for women impure. Both men and women of purity are not affected by what people say about them.

Recognize who you are!

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