Thursday, January 27

An Iraqi Photographer Hides his Grief with His Lens

After posting the official account of the 2019 Asian Nations Cup on Entangram, social networking sites swept the image of an Iraqi photographer crying during the face of Qatar and Qatar in the quarter-finals of the continental championship, which ended with the victory of “Annabi” for a clean.

The picture of the Iraqi Football Federation photographer Mohammed al-Azzawi, who was crying – apparently – after the loss of “Black Rafidain” and his exit from the tournament empty-handed.

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The picture at the expense of the continental tournament on the Ingrid – followed by more than two hundred thousand – more than 21 thousand admiration and a thousand comments.
And spread this image in different platforms and received a great tribute from the pioneers of these sites.
Tears and an Iraqi cameraman performing his role in the match of the 16 th of the Cup of Asia 2019 after the defeat of his country, the love of the homeland is not sold or bought and can not be pricey.
– Ali Shahrani (@alialshahrani_t) January 24, 2019
“A passionate emotional moment for an Iraqi photographer during the role of the 16 in front of Qatar.” Thus, the AFC commented on the image of the Iraqi Football Federation photographer Mohammed al-Azzawi.
Are the tears of the men of origin 😉 # black_raveldine # Iraq_counter
– Hussam Alahbabi (@hussamalahbabi) January 24, 2019
It was said old ..
The hardest tears are the tears of men .. because they do not cry, but it is great.
In many moments football drives us to show all our emotions.

Iraqi photographer while performing in the game of the 16 th of the # 2019 Cup Asia between his country and his Qatari counterpart.

– # Cup_Asia 2019 (@afcasiancup_ar) January 24, 2019

Is much more than just a game!
It is a story of life, passion, homeland, belonging, and pride.

An Iraqi photographer beat his tears before the end of his country’s match against Qatar, which resulted in the blacks of Rafidain after the Asian Cup

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