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An AI Fan! 4 AI Trends to watch for in 2020!

Human has made tremendous innovations to almost everything we can probably think of. Apart from that, artificial intelligence has been on the lips of everyone who are anxiously waiting for the updated about AI trends happening for the past years.

It has been the debate for people who are restive about robots invading in their daily lives what would happen if they completely shut human up? Could jobs be more productive through AI technology?

Consumers are curious of AI inventions taking place every day and now which is changing the mind set of companies such as automobiles to the construction companies all have seen the importance of AI in their business.

Perhaps, a company such as amazon, iPhone and even Google has been using different ways to cater the market of technology revolution.

Companies are making ways to spend more time and energy in the development of AI technology which will not only reduce the cost of the company moreover, reduce the work load and even stuffing of employees.

It is predicted that the most of the job work would be done by AI robots which is probably a good sign for investors to through money on these AI tech as in an article it said that 82% companies have seen the results of AI in their business and shown a significant reduction of cost and increase in ROI (return on investments).

So, let’s go! Little further on the road full of information about AI trends happening in the world and what possible trends would make our eyes wide open.

3D printing virtual or reality

We believe that by 2020 the rise of printing market would boom catering large number of global market in a study of A.T. Kearney says that market of 3D printing would grow to 17.2 billion in the upcoming years. What 3D printing is all about? What will the outcomes of the growth of this industry?

Basically, 3D printing is the next innovation technology which is creating hype for most of the construction companies to even doctors and engineers. It is the method of printing anything you can even imagine of.

Just picture your mind with a typical printer which can print a bunch of words or anything in the paper you want to print of.  Exactly!  What a 3D printer is all about you work with it to manufacture whatever you desire and it does not cost much.

China the big giant of technology innovation has come up the houses which can be built through 3D printing. The company Win sun decorator design engineer and co have shown the urge of constructing houses, buildings though 3D printing and build ten house in 2014 within 24 hours.

In 2020 we might see many other objects being built through this technology such as scientist are showing concern of transplant of organs which is big issue for patients who are anxiously waiting for their donors to arrive however, we would in the near future be seeing the good impact of technology which is the huge opportunity for the ones who are in need.

Recruitment with Mya, talk push and Olivia

Recruitment can never been so easy!!

Many businesses are stressing out for the urge to find a right candidate for the job. The time consumes to find the best candidate taking interviews and even posting the job description to their websites.

Business has found new tactic to overcome the problems of interview till the position offered to them.

Robots the AI humans who can communicate just like a living person. The companies such as IBM have their own AI system to detect how the person will be hired and how to write a job description as well as where to find the right candidate for the job.

Interviewer a robot!

Yes, we can now have a conversation with a robot while we are on interview session.

One of the software ‘hire vue’ has the design to take interviews via video and detect the candidate, count facial expressions and score them through the AI technology. The final verdict will decide who the right person is for the job though selection process.

It analyse the features expressions and their voices to select the final candidate comparing one and other.

Other example for such AI tech is the software Mya, a robot that is design to communicate through text, WhatsApp, Skype or video chat. This AI robot will help you find the perfect candidate for the position. It is basically a ‘recruitment agent’ who can make your work done within an hour.

Though, this software can be a help for the companies however, more AI tech work is been in process finding ways to save time and money of the companies to be productive.

Sip on your coffee! While the car drive itself

When we talk about autonomous cars the first thing clicks in our mind is Tesla, Toyota which are the giant of automobiles companies.

Toyota in 2020 has announced the self-driven car which can be drive through the highways or fast moving tracks.

Elon musk from tesla has predicted to have self-driven vehicles on the track on the following year 2020. People believe that by the advancement of robotic cars just like we see in’ transformers’ the movie.

Many companies are making efforts and investing heavily on the upcoming future trends that are happening more quickly than we imagine of.

If we predict that what would be the next car? What would it be like? What will be the functions?

While you enjoy having your cup of coffee and having cold breeze hit you hard and enjoying the view with my precious car and completing the assignments of btec applied science level 3 assignments without feeling of fear.

In 2020, you can predict a car that can drive you home, talk to you in the free time and automatically be your guardian angle when you are tried and took a nap.









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