Tuesday, January 18

Ali Ahmed Riaz: Fitness Must be taken on Priority by Every Citizen

Ahmed Ali Riaz can be quoted as one of the most fitness enthusiastic people in Pakistan right now and he religiously follows a hardcore weight training session twice a day and seven days a week. This workout regime is then been followed by an outright balanced diet along with a proper resting period. Ali Ahmed riaz further put across his thoughts in the same regards while saying, “Healthy habits improve your physical appearance, mental stability, ability to perform activities in a better way, which help you lead a stress-free lifestyle, maintaining happy moods, high energy levels, less prone to health problems etc”. Thus, every person around must take down this seriously and make their health as the biggest priority in the process. This, he believes, will further shape up the right balance in order to keep a healthy body and mind. As per him, one of the biggest reasons for a person’s happiness is a good body and mind which is an outright result of a hardcore workout regime. This he thinks is directly related to the overall functioning of the human body.

ali riaz malikWhilst he strongly believes in fitness as a “life-mantra”, Ahmed Ali Riaz has brought up the same approach in all of the projects at Bahria Town. All of the communities and constructions projects at Bahria town come along with a Gyms, Parks, Riding Clubs, Football Grounds, Tennis Courts, and Swimming Pools etc. This has been put into place in order to let every person live a healthy lifestyle. On the other side, there is a Gold Spa & Fitness Club at Lahore locations which comes as one of the other crucial developments at the Bahria Town located at high street location of Mall of Lahore and Country Club Bahria Town Lahore.  Apart from this, the Safari Gym in Safari Club Rawalpindi brings along a state-of the-art facility and all the qualified instructors which can enable a person reach their fitness goals in due time. Moreover, there are many Riding Clubs located at Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Lahore which where the members can witness a world class riding facilities at their service. All the Riding Clubs comes along with the best sports facilities and highly trained staff, which is always available to make their riding experience as an unforgettable journey. Additionally, every sector of Bahria Town Karachi, Rawalpindi & Lahore is accommodating a Park, so as every resident of these communities can enjoy their surroundings to full effect.

We can certainly give it to the fitness enthusiasm of Ali Ahmed Riaz Malik, where he has kept a healthy diet intact along with the consumption of various foods like green and fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, and items rich in Proteins, Vitamins and all the required nutrients by the body.

To Ali Ahmed Riaz, Health must be coming as the biggest priority for any human being around as this is something which will lead to further happiness, success and achievements within their lives. He also believes that every person must take time out from their schedules in order to bring more worth to their fitness schedules and personal lives.

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