Thursday, January 27

A Pakistani boy journey from Bhatti Gate Lahore to become an Instagrammer

We have read about so many famous personalities which actually have maintained their valuable position through struggle and finally they have reached their desired goal or target. The same example we can find in this era in the shape of CemoBasen the most famous and rising Instagram personality.CemoBasen (Muhammad Qasim) is the new rising Hollywood star from Pakistan. Today we will discuss this amazing, charming and dashing personality which is followed by 228K people on Instagram these days.You will definitely feel shocked that how this Pakistani boy proved himself in the Hollywood industry and what types of hurdles he has faced to reach his goal.

This would be an amazing story to tell you all that how Muhammad Qasim from Pakistan crossed his long journey to be part of Hollywood. CemoBasen (Muhammad Qasim) was living in Bhatti Gate Lahore which is also known as Walled City of Lahore. This area still needs to get develop and the mindset of the people are different as another part of the Lahore city respectively. Muhammad Qasim faced a lot many hurdles from his early childhood. His father was not able to bear the whole expenses of his family. Hardly Muhammad Qasim got admission in Central Model School which is also situated in Lahore. His father could not have a sufficient amount to pay his fees and his teachers use to pay Muhammad Qasim’s fees so he can continue to his studies. From his childhood, he started dreaming to be an actor and he wanted to promote Pakistan worldwide respectively. After his studies, he moved to Dubai where he has started his first professional Carrier job in Majid AlFuttaim and he continued his job for 2 years. After this job he offered from Citi Bank in Dubai which he continued for 3 years. In his long journey, he still has a passion to become an actor that’s why he decided to move the USA to promote Pakistan all over the world.

Currently, he is living in VA where he has started his professional carrier of acting in Hollywood as well as he is also entertaining his fans on Instagram by making different global language videos. No doubt, he is a very amazing dancer, entertainer,and actor. His Instagram videos have inspired his fans so much and he also motivated a lot more people across the globe. Through his motivational videos, many people have started to follow him and his lifestyle as well. Well, this is actually the best thing you will find in this Pakistani guy that he is so much humble and caring for his family, friends,and fans as well. He loves to create different videos for his fans across the world. Most of his followers are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Malaysia,Russia,USAand many other countries. Most of his fans have learned one thing from this charming personality that never loses hope one day you will definitely reach your destination. You may find a lot more hurdles throughout your journey, be brave to face them confidently and you will be at your targeted goal like CemoBasen. This is the whole story of this Pakistani boy from Bhatti Gate to become an Instagram personality.

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