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8 Ways To Stay Energetic In University Life.

IT appears that being a student is a critical phase of one’s life as challenges manifold you and your intellectual growth may be at risk amid assignment pressures, classroom lectures, preparing for mid and final exams, it is advisable for today’s students to take care of themselves and acclimatize a balancing lifestyle to cope with the pressures.

Life in academia is not a bed of roses rather it calls for your energies, your physical and mental health to be fit enough to digest difficult lessons, and do well in overall performance. If you’re a real student and currently enrolled in a degree program at a university, here are some of the techniques that might heal your worries, study burden and bring a positive change in your student life.

1. Positive attitude toward everything

It is true positivity brings real pleasure in life as it is opposite to negativity, which is harmful to the human mind and bodily health. If you want to succeed in your life always adopt a positive approach toward everything, you would be surprisingly happy. Teachers, university management, librarian, and above all your classmates all are good people who have joined you in your journey of studies. Never think that they’re your enemies or ones who hatch conspiracies against you so that you do badly in the exam.

Although a teacher could be jealous of you due to your intellect, he or she would not always commit injustice by awarding you the grade that you don’t deserve; they are wonderful human beings who are here to support you to find meaning in life and encourage your hard-working to make your future brighter. Your classmates are also in the same boat voyaging with you. Some are good and some are bad, but you need to put up with both the types nicely and never fall prey to negative thoughts such as they do not behave well, are not helpful in exchanging notes, are rude and moody, etc.

Wisdom says you cannot love everyone, but you can tolerate all because it is in your hands. Think as positive as possible because this will help you find peace of mind and new vistas of success. Contentment would come embracing you one by one.

2. Take interest and enjoy university life

Have you ever wondered that you’re are lucky enough to be a university student? Just think of the students who due to any reason as such financial one are not able to study at a university and are pursuing their degree programs in university-affiliated institutes or private colleges. So being a university student is a great blessing from Almighty Allah. It is advisable for the students to explore campus life deeply, which is surrounded by many interesting things. Enjoy spending your time in a library, take part in sports, eat healthy food from the cafeteria, and make new friends and so on. In short, take a keen interest in university life from attending classes to taking part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities-you would feel surprisingly happy and excited.

3. Time Management

Time management is an art, a technique and science. If you can master up managing your time, it is like managing and controlling your whole life. Not all people are able to manage their time and students are no exception in this context. What has been observed is that they’re wasting their precious time in unimportant things and delay assignments until the last minute, comply with deadlines when much time has already been spent. This can ruin your career so better avoid it. You need to be more active and energetic in carrying out day-to-day tasks. Make sure everything has been given proper quality time and completed prior to the deadlines. If you are able to manage time, your all problems would be resolved. Once you’ve completed all things on time, you can enjoy your leisure time watching a good movie or by visiting your friends and so on.

4. Get enough sleep

You may be taken aback that what’s the connection of rest and enough sleep with your studies. Your teachers often tell you “Work hard and do not sleep a lot”, but it’s true being a student you must sleep enough to get prepared for the next day. If you haven’t had forty winks and you’re still feeling dizzy, this will affect your whole day. Without being afresh and energetic you won’t be able to concentrate on the lectures, figure out what’s going on inside the classroom world and you will end up doing nothing except looking busy. Psychology says that at least 8-hour sleep is must for the adults. Sleeping is very important for a healthy life and does remember that there’s no substitute for night sleep. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise goes a famous adage since ages.


Try to be an early bird so that you’ve got enough time for a morning walk and healthy breakfast. Make sure you don’t fall asleep during lectures and your whole day goes well-spent. If you take enough rest you will certainly enjoy your lectures, your class participation would increase followed by your interest to be developed in many things. On the other hand, taking more than enough rest is also good for nothing, as it will only tire out you adding no perkiness and energy other than fatigue to your body so it is better to avoid oversleeping.

5. Avoid stress

University life is full of stress, hassle, and a lot of pressure. Everybody is in the race. Every teacher wants you to do their work first, do assignments on time, attend classes regularly and perform better. This atmosphere of pressure can impinge on your mental health and push you to a corner where you can fall prey to depression, anxiety, hypersensitivity, irritation and bitter anger is likely to stir up in you.

Moreover, if you suffer from headaches, muscle tension, fastest heartbeat, fatigue, and difficulty in paying attention to anything, you’re most likely to be a victim of stress. And if you see any of these symptoms, take your parents immediately into confidence and consult your family doctor. Stress can seriously impair you both psychologically and physically in case you keep up experiencing it repeatedly. Stressed, tired, tensed, you cannot give any performance.

And the best solution to avoid stress is never taking it at all. Breathe in and out, relieve your muscles, and let tension not get on your nerves. Try to manage your time. Attend classes regularly and start working on assignments prior to their deadline. Whatever you learn today, revise it whilst at home and actively take part in fruitful discussions with your classmates because this would help you store more information in your brain’s memory.

Many people believe that pressure of assignments, quizzes, presentations, mid and final term exams, project submission and maintaining CGPA are putting a lot of pressure on students. It is highly recommended that you should not deem yourself to be a part of number game rather your focus should be on learning not merely on studying for securing highest marks in the exam.

Take your parents in confidence that it is okay to pass the exam with normal CGPA and that they ought not to force you to do beyond your capacity because exams can get on your nerves and then it could be impossible for you to get rid of this type of stress. At the time if you’re not able to concentrate on lessons or your mind gets diverted to something else, do not take stress just relax for a while until you feel at ease and in a position to do all this.

6. Give up drug-addiction

Drug-addiction is putting students’ lives on greater risk. Do you know every day many people lose their lives because of drug addiction? According to the UN estimate, there are 6.7 million drug addicts in Pakistan. The situation is more alarming in colleges and universities where the students, faculty, and staff are under drug attack and their complications are increasing day-by-day. Most of the drugs find their way into Pakistan by our neighbouring country Afghanistan, which is responsible for producing 75 per cent of the world’s total heroin.

Perhaps, this is the reason why many universities have been closely working with the government and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness among students, faculty and staff about the rapidly increasing drug culture at campuses. Now you know that drugs are killing people around the world so it is high time to stop using drugs. You might have heard the famous proverb “Health is wealth” and this is true that without good health we are nothing. So if you’re addicted to any sort of drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and others, or if you’re a regular smoker, it is time to quit this immediately before the time comes when you’re lost forever.

Find out physical and mental therapy to abandon this bad stuff. I hope you would heal up soon. Also, try to help others to come out of this curse. What’s important is that you need to be smart enough when it comes to securing yourself from the attacks of hazardous drugs and helping other members of society.

7. Take exercise regularly

After giving up harmful drugs, it is time to take exercise regularly. There are no two ways that a healthy mind is in a healthy body. A sick and mentally disturbed person cannot do well. If you’re a formal college or university student, you should keep this in mind that performing better in the exams and all through your academic life purely depends on your health.

If you’re physically not fit, chances of your success are little or no. Rather your grades will go declining and you’re at great risk of being unfit. And if such a situation embarrasses you, do hurry up and consult your doctor who will eventually diagnose your disease. Drink enough pure water and keep yourself on a healthy and well-balanced diet. Take exercise every day with consistency and get rid of laziness as it would compel you to stick to one place and do nothing. Join a nearby gym and take morning walk regularly because this will reduce your stress, make you feel healthy and smart. Exercise cannot be overlooked as it is about you, about your health and about your life. Espouse a healthy lifestyle and let positive habits surround you.

8. Technology and its negative effects

Despite the fact that technology is infringing our privacy and our lifestyles, especially Facebook has taken away good sleep from us, we need to avoid unnecessary use of technology as it is leaving a negative impact on our lives. A number of studies and surveys show that excess use of technology is causing mental health problems among the people. From depression to committing suicides, technology has turned into a nightmare. It is highly recommended for the students to stay away from extreme and unnecessary use of cellular phones and the internet. Being addicted to the internet and mobile phones is injurious to health; this will bound you to one corner and you will not be able to find time for your real-life friends, family, and other kith and kins.

The excess use of technology is likely to reduce your affection for sports, exercise, and other healthy activities. So always take up a moderate approach. Follow a strict timetable for showing up to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other gadgets in a way you comply with class schedules where you stop yourself from acceding to this stuff.

If you really want to enjoy life and excel in academics, instead of frittering away your time try to make its best use like searching data, downloading a textbook, and reading the relevant information that could support you in advancing knowledge you acquire at the university. In a nutshell, a balanced approach would deliver positive results. So if you’re addicted to technology, it is time to beat this addiction by assuming a purposeful lifestyle. Do not allow much time for excessive use of the internet and cellular phones, do not kill your time rather stay focused.

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