Thursday, January 27

5 Expert Ways to Optimize Speed of Your Website

The boom in the internet world opens the door for businesses to grow. In today’s world, anyone can expand its business with the help of the internet. Many businesses like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging, and B2B businesses rely on the internet to get targeted customers. In order to get targeted customers, every business owner needs to build an effective website. With an effective website, you also need a good domain and hosting platform. From Hostbreak you can choose free Pk domains, you can consider any of the web hosting company to grow your business.

But many times slow speed becomes a hurdle between your success. In the fast-growing world, a visitor never waits for too long to get responses from your site. The poor speed not only makes you lose customers but your site ranking also gets affected. To get rid of these issues you need to optimize the speed of your website by adopting the top ways discussed in this blog.

1.   Minimize HTTP Request

Whenever a browser fetches a file, a picture or web page on a web server HTTP request is counted and it takes time to respond. The yahoo states that around 80 percent of webpage problems are encountered due to the hypertext transfer protocol. The more you fetch files the more your website takes time to get uploaded.

Therefore, it is essential to minimize the HTTP request to optimize the speed of your website. To minimize HTTP request you need to combine CSS/jss file into one large file so that the HTTP request counts get reduced. Always remember to use conditional statements in order to upload video files, scripts on mobile only. This will help you to increase your website speed.

2.   Remove Unused Scripts/Files

You need to decrease the size of your CSS file by removing unused script and files. The unused scripts and files increase the size of your CSS file that takes longer time to respond. Therefore, in order to optimize the speed of your website you need to use tools like UnCSS that decrease the space by cleaning the unused scrips and files.

3.   Hosting Provider

Many times the basic issue of your website slow speed is the hosting provider you choose. Many small business owners select poor hosting services that increase the downtime of your website. You suffer from great loss due to the slow speed or downtime. To optimize the speed of your website you need to consider the top hosting providers like fast host or host break that provides the cheapest & reliable hosting solutions.

4.   Browser Caching

The browser caching is the best solution to optimize the speed of your website. Whenever a user first visits your website the cache is empty. The browser caching helps to make a user cache utilized and increase the speed of your webpage.

5.   Compress Image & Optimize Sites

Images are amongst those files which take a lot of space. Around 60% of the average bytes loaded per webpage are due to the images. To optimize the speed of your website you need to compress image sizes and check them through image optimizers such as

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